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Asthma: do you have asthma without knowing it?

In the minds of many, a person who does not have wheezing attacks does not have asthma. This idea is totally wrong. You can have asthma without having a seizure. Here an update on the signs and symptoms that should alert you.


Yet a millions of them are unaware that they suffer from this chronic respiratory disease. Some people live with a little shortness of breath which over time worsens without further manifestation.

More and more seniors affected

One of the reasons for this non-diagnosis: the misconception that we cannot develop asthma at a mature age. Again, this is a mistake …disease can start for the first time after 50 years. Allergic manifestations increasingly affect people aged 60, 70 or even 80, which consequently increases the risk of developing late-onset asthma.

In addition, hormonal changes (menopause, for example) have an impact on the lungs, there are twice as many people aged 55 who suffer from asthma than people aged 45. Besides the daily discomfort, without treatment, some problems can become a medical emergency. Going for a consultation and being treated is therefore an imperative.

what are the symptoms?

Warning symptoms:

  • You seek your breath.
  • You have suffered from a dry, quintuous cough at night for several months.
  • You cough as soon as you make an effort or exercise.
  • You have recurring episodes of chronic bronchitis.

Two types of drugs are used

  • The bronchodilators relax the muscles and open the narrowed bronchi. They have an action of 3 to 12 hours and immediately relieve a crisis.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs treat the background of the disease. These are inhaled corticosteroids and antileukotrienes.



If you have experienced any of those symptoms , get close to your doctor. Today with an appropriate treatment, people are living in a normal way.

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