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physical activity : An efficient solution for high Blood Pressure and type 2 Diabet diseases.

Physical activity is well known for improving general health condition, but for some people who are suffering from chronic diseases ( High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes etc. ) it is essential, even vital!
Indeed sport in addition to a proper diet, allows to control and reduce riskes linked to these chronic diseases. But what sport and how it acts on our body ?

physical activity

What physical activities ?

Avoid “isometric” exercises, which involve heavy weight.

In this type of sport, a strong muscle contraction is maintained for a long time. Significant tension then raises in the muscle. Result: the small arteries that run through it are crushed, which could eventually lead to poor irrigation of the muscle (and therefore a cramp!). To avoid this phenomenon, blood pressure highly rises to compensate tension in the muscle. A “good reflex” of the body which is however dangerous if you suffer from hypertension.

Also to be avoided: sports like squash and tennis where the effort is very brief, very intense and irregular.

Go instead for “dynamic” exercises, such as cycling, jogging, swimming or rowing. In those physical activities, muscle tension is not too much important; muscles are working intermittently so muscle tension remains quite low. Your body doesn’t need to activate the “self-protection “previously mentioned.

Physical activities, ok! But in a safe mode.

When we start a physical activity we often want to get bewond our limits, it is usally due to our competion spirit and the need to get always further. But keep in mind first you just starting , leave the time to your body to build muscles and to resperatory and vasuclar systems to evolve. You have also to take in count the features of your disease. Reasonable is the key word, moreover you don’t need a brutal or intense physical activities to achieve your goals.

Physical activity : what results to expect?

High blood pressure :Physical activity won’t alone stabilize your high blood pressure but that contributes to it in addition to a weight loss and proper diet.
A regular physical activity allows reducing arterial pressure of around 5 mmHg
Losing 10 kilos drops the pressure to 5 mmHg

Type 2 diabetes: Exercise improves blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes, reduces cardiovascular risk factors, contributes to weight loss, and improves well-being. Regular exercise may prevent or delay type 2 diabetes development 

weight loss :weight loss : physical activity is a part of a bigger plan, that includes diet and changes in the way of living. Doing sport favors the loss weight in expending more calories than consumed (calorie deficit)

Before starting any physical activity, reach advices from your doctor in order to confirm that it suites to your physical condition.

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